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David Levene

The key to peace is to make
Violence and war impossible to pursue.
That is one obvious answer
Worth trying to do.

But the question remains,
How to make it be
So that all are finally free
To enjoy peace, progress, and prosperity.

The World Peace Now and Forever plan
Sets the stage
For a peace that could hold
In the coming age.

One World Peace Corporation
Merges the bulk of each member state's
Military might
Together under joint control and sight.

The new multi-nation force
Is then confined to one main track,
Protecting members' pre-agreed boundaries
Against outside attack.

No member nation will be able to pursue
Armed aggression or war as before
And yet each immediately gains
More defense at less expense.

This unique form of instant disarmament
Will soon show
Worldwide reduction
In arms trade and weapons flow.

To see all the ways
Peace will better prevail
One should look at the plan
In full detail.

Military strength, finally divorced
From political and economic policy,
Can no longer substitute
For effective diplomacy.

By limiting leaders', states', and individuals'
Ability to wield
Armaments and firepower in the field,
Fewer can be bullied or oppressed.
Eventually, most military forces will be compressed

Into one world-wide peace-keeping force
That is owned by all and carries the ball
For the kind of world we want to face
a more beautiful, safer, and happier place.
And if this plan doesn't fill the bill,
Let's find a better one that will.

copyright 1998 Growth Network. All rights reserved.

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