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David Levene

I don't like the color of his skin
The way he talks, or the nature of his grin
I'm sure he must be very dumb
I don't even like where he's from.

But what if I am wrong
Just singing an old familiar song
Such a disastrous, fallacious view
May be beliefs that are untrue.

It could deny me
A vibrant life full of satisfying opportunity
To make progress and have many chances
To reach fulfillment and accomplish advances.

It could cost me a very good friend
One who gives me great pleasure
Lots of companionship, support, and love
That's something I need plenty of.

Or he could be a great employee
Intelligent, loyal, and skilled
Who knows how to accept responsibility
Someone I need desperately.

His intellectual powers may be superb
Something I rarely see
Wouldn't it be a shame
If I was denied that possibility?

Where did I develop such hate
That keeps me from working for a better fate
Did I learn it from fear
Or something I often hear?

If I thought about how it sets me back
Time and energy wasted, often on the wrong track
Judging people on the basis of race
Instead of getting to know them face to face.

So let me find a better way of living
Maybe even develop ways of giving
With something to stand for that's rewarding and real
That's where I should put my zeal.

copyright 1998 Growth Network. All rights reserved.

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