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David Levene

(We feel this is probably one of our best poems but longer than most. If you do not have the time available now, suggest you read only the first 3 parts and come back to read the last 3 later. The poem, 'A Happier Place' summarizes the same plan in fewer words.)

PART I: Name On the Wall

I got my name on the wall
Is that all
I gave my life in a war
Should not there be more?

My country called me to fight
It cost me my life
And I get my name on a wall
Also on a plaque in a hall.

I gave my life in a war
Should not there be more?
I was told I fought for freedom and peace
After this, all wars would cease

Oppression would no longer prevail
And tyranny could only fail.
But is that the case
Is a better world in place?

Many say I died a hero
But to make that truly so
There must be real progress to show.

Sure, once in a while they think of me
Still talk about the great future that will be
But in the sad light of reality
The world still shows its darkest fraility.

Isn't it time things changed
Can't a fairer world be arranged
One that includes freedom and peace for all
So my death means more than a name on the wall

Or a plaque in a hall.
I gave my life in a war
Surely, the world owes me more.

Part II: Those Who Survived

And what about those who did not die
But suffered enough to make us cry
Who gave part of their body, mind, and soul
To fight for their country's proclaimed goal.

We must give reverence to their sacrifice
It must not be in vain they paid their price
We must be willing to break new ground
To seek the answers not yet found

We must no longer rely on the same old story
To cover up our failures in claims of glory.
To all those who fought in a war
Surely, we owe them more.

Part III: Answer For All

So what should we now do
What specific action must we pursue
What do we need
To make sure we succeed?

As civilization progresses only through change
It should not appear strange
To embrace concepts not used before
Especially if they can give peace, progress, and much more.

Let us introduce a unique new plan
That can bring all peoples together
One that will do
Is named World Peace Now and Forever.

This plan basically
Divorces war from a nation's diplomacy
But does not interfere
With any country's people, government, or legitimacy.

It actually provides
More defense at less expense
And simply applies existing patterns in different ways
That make a lot of sense.

This plan may not be the only way
But each person is encouraged to have a say
In suggesting what could be better
Than World Peace Now and Forever.

We should challenge all to make this plan superior
Or furnish alternatives that show it to be inferior.
Let us finally provide
In honor of those who fought, sacrificed and died

What centuries of people have yearned for
A world that gives everyone peace, freedom, and justice
As well as health, wealth, and happiness.
Could we wish for anything more
Then let us start now - by ending war.

PART IV: The Plan

Ending war - how can that be done
Without making all countries one?
Just merge all armed forces together
That is the plan - World Peace Now and Forever.

A simple enough concept
Not much different than we already do
But this plan can really make world peace come true.
Why will it not work?

What peaceful country or people can be hurt?
Not one iota of a nation's sovereignty will disappear
But there will be no more aggression to fear.

Who will there be
To threaten a country's integrity?
The joint world defense force
Stands ready for all to see

Armaments no longer bear on world diplomacy
International relations, trade, and courtesy
Now replace military supremacy.

Does this all sound too simple
More important to ask
Is the solution ample?

Each nation joining
Immediately increases its own defense
And can never again commit offense.

No longer can it send
Forces or arms to another power
Its only alternative -
Sit back and let peace flower.

Other than the ability to foster war
A nation gives up no rights or privileges
- nothing more.
All peace keeping forces
Can be owned by one World Peace Corporation.

This gives each nation full protection
And appears the best format to work through
Because the world of business shows us
Many examples to look to -
But other forms of organization could do.

A share of the World Peace Corporation
Is owned by each member state
The board of directors
Manages the organization's fate.

The World Peace Corporation
Does not make, execute, or interpret any laws
Its only purpose is to prevent
Invasion of its member countries' shores.

To keep member nations' boundaries secure
That is the only mission
The World Peace Corporation will endure.
With most military power locked in place
Nations will only have
Political and economic problems to face.

Because all defense is jointly provided for
International relations will bathe in a new aura.
Is there a better route to go
A more sensible plan to show

Are there other ideas to make the world more stable?
If so, let's place them on the table.
Let us finally expose
The fallacy of nuclear deterrence
It is so insane
It can no longer muster concurrence.

At last let us prove
Intelligent human beings can direct their own destiny
Along the path God wanted it to be
Toward a world of hope, progress, and serenity

One that fosters love
And serves humanity
Where all people can be
Proud, happy, and free.

Finally, World Peace Now and Forever
Will make all wars cease
Wherever one looks
There will be peace.

PART V: It Can Be

Many will feel
This plan is too ideal
The powers of the world
Will never let it be

Those who benefit from war
May not want to see
A world of peaceful eternity.
But clearly peace serves

The interests of the majority
And in a nuclear world
Without much question
All of humanity.

And it should be pointed out
That the desires of a few
Cannot forever flout
The welfare of the many.

Progress means change
This plan is not difficult to arrange
Any one country could start it quite easily
All that is needed to bring in others

Is a common treaty.
We want millions to hear
And understand this plan thoroughly
So they no longer need fear

And follow the old fallacy
That a nation's diplomacy and sovereignty
Must be tied to military expediency.
Though these ideas have been widely practiced
and long established

This plan now makes them definitely out of date
False premises should no longer underlie
The crucial policies that determine our fate.

PART VI: What To Do

Yes, I agree, these are ideas to pursue
But I now ask, what can I do
To help others believe this way too.
Become part of World Peace Society

Devoted to making a better world
A non-profit entity whose main purpose
Is to make war needless.
We want to promote the plan

World Peace Now and Forever
Or if we can
Another plan that is better.
All are invited to join

To participate and contribute to our endeavor
And in the process
Make their own lives richer and better.
Come, learn all about our quest
And consider giving your best

To help us widely expand
Our message throughout the land
So many people will understand
How our plan can be followed and believed
And finally a better world will be achieved.

copyright 1998 Growth Network. All rights reserved.

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