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David Levene

Opportunity, what does it mean?
Giving us reason to dream
That's what opportunity means.
A life that goes for more
That is what opportunity's for.

Giving fire to our desire
Letting us believe
There are dreams we can achieve
That is what opportunity means to me.
Letting us see
What better can be
That is the core of opportunity.

Allowing us to imagine thoughts that are bold
To be different from before
To pursue ideas on which we are sold
To shape what life has in store
So it can give us much more
That is the essence of opportunity
It makes our life worth living.

So what do we do
To make our dreams come true?
We must be willing to set old patterns aside
Find new standards by which to abide
Follow not blindly what old traditions say
But search for a better way.

We must aim at new heights to scale
And fear not we may fail
Because goals without struggle
Often lead to no avail.

We must want what we go for badly
Though we may sacrifice, even sadly.
We must know
This is the only way to go.

We must be able to hear that inner voice
Which tells us there is no other choice.
These are the forces that will harness our drive
Setback after setback allow us to thrive
And through all discouragement keep our aims alive
To fight disappointments and problems of all kind
And help obtain the solutions we must find.

To bring to our travails some cheer
Just when we may go under we fear
And through all turmoil we encounter
We will not flounder.

Our determination will exert such great force
It will keep us right on course.
And as day follows night
Our accomplishments will bring such delight
The rewards will be well worth the fight.

Copyright ゥ 2006 by Growth Network

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