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Lyrics by David Levene
Music by Margarita Nueller

If life is your game
And winning your aim,
The only way to make it be
Is to stay clean and free
Yes, clean and free
That's the way it's got to be.

Once sold out to drug abuse
No matter what the reason, how good the excuse
Deadly forces are let loose
That sap your life of its best use.
The habit will get you

You'll pay and pay
No matter how you fight it
So tough to break away
Now is your chance - make this your day
Own a life no one can lead astray.

To keep your strength and be your own man
Say NO to the pusher - send him on the lam
Say NO to the dealer - make him go scram

Say NO to those who would put you in a bind
Say NO to those of all that kind
Say NO, say NO, say NO.

Make them all go away
Celebrate the glory you've reached today
You're winning the game - you're no longer the same
You've defied defeat - you can't be beat.

No matter how sore
You won today - and forever more.
Yes - no matter how sore
You beat them today - and forever more.

copyright 2002 Growth Network. All rights reserved.

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