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Words by David Levene
Music by Elijah Staley

Sell out to drugs, man
You think that's all you can do?
Look at this scene then
It's one you better review.

Once those drugs have got you tied and bound
You've given up your freedom, man - no longer to be found
You'll lose your serenity, dignity and pride
Become dependent, enslaved and taken for a ride
You'll be hooked, shackled, suckered and sold out
Is that what you want your life to be about?

When drugs get you in their vise
Your goals, hopes and dreams are put on ice
And man, at what a price
It's worse than dying twice
You'll be cast on the dung heap of life
It's like slitting your throat with your very own knife.

So when it comes to drugs and all their temptations
You better think twice and explore other salvations.
You better think twice, man. Explore other salvations.

Copyright 1989 Growth Network

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