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What We Want To Do:

We want to get one nation or more to implement our Peace Plan. We want knowledgeable people everywhere to consider and debate the implications of what we propose. Eventually, we want many to clamor for the adoption of our programs, or better ones if they are available.

We want our song, "An Outstanding Me," and our philosophy, "The Essence of Humanity Credo," to be taught in every school in the world and utilized by all parents everywhere. Not only can our writings and songs be used to better educate children, but they can be circulated and promoted to everyone to produce better citizens to inhabit this planet. Of course, eventually we will have to have our prose, poems, and songs translated into every language.

We want to get famous people to be associated with us and add credence to our efforts. Of course the added goodwill and publicity they in turn may receive could help their careers and reputation immensely.

We want to add Gold Members - they are persons or organizations that donate $1,000 or more to our cause - to our list.

We want World Peace Society to join the United Nations as a non-governmental organization (NGO).

We want to have AllTogether-GetTogether events and parties so people interested in us can meet each other and have a good time. We want to make a concerted effort to bring people of different backgrounds, origins, lands, and cultures together so they can understand each other better.

We want to produce and present a television show that will give us publicity and further advance our cause. We are already registered to produce shows on the local community TV station and have in mind a unique show that is based on our copyrights and could be utilized on other stations that have wider audiences.

We want to combine our peace plan, poems, and songs into a book that we think may have wide appeal and bring wider recognition to our cause. We will consider the contributions from others to this book.

We already have use of the domain name, "Push for Peace," and plan to have a Web site created around it that will advance the cause of World Peace Society. We are thinking of using contests and prizes as incentives to encourage people to participate. This site is very much in the development stage, and further ideas may be considered.

The domain name, "Waste of War," is already ours, and we plan to create a Web site that will attract and exhibit creative arts projects that uniquely express this theme. We want people to feel that war is a terrible folly and an excessive waste of human energy and resources. We are also considering some form of incentive or prizes, but they will not be awarded to current World Peace projects.

We own the domain name, "Way to Peace." This will be a site that displays our Petition for Peace, which is also shown in the Send a Poem section. We will endeavor to collect signatures throughout the world and send them to appropriate government representatives so that our leaders will be impressed that the people of the world really want peace.

We intend to put on shows, concerts, and events that will make World Peace Society and its mission memorable to many. We want to cause people and nations to implement new ideas that will improve life on earth for all.

For all who join us in our efforts to make a better world, we want to explore ways and means to in turn help promote their reputation and their projects.



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